About the Company: The first Jack in the box opened in 1951 in San Diego, Ca by Robert O. Peterson. There are now over 2,000 of these hamburger chains located throughout the United States. In addition to their famous burgers, the menu also consists of salads and sandwiches. The most recognizable part about this company is Jack, a clown with an outgoing personality and big appetite for burgers. The company continues to provide customers with new options. In 2010, they introduced fruit smoothies to the menu. Jack in the Box will continue to flourish as long as they are around.

Tips on a successful Jack in the Box Application:

If you want to be hired after employers review your Jack in the Box application, you should highlight or put emphasis on your ability to multi-task or keep your cool in a fast-paced environment. Fast food restaurants tend to get extremely hectic and busy around certain times, and your employer will want to know that you can handle the situation. Another important factor to include on your Jack in the Box application is your availability. Unlike a typical 9-5 job, Jack in the Box is opened on nights and weekends. Any availability during these busy times would be an attractive asset.

What you can expect on a Jack in the Box Application:

You will be asked to provide your personal information, work history, and availability. As previously mentioned, one of the most important factors on your application is your flexibility. Most Jack in the Box’s is open 24/7, or pretty close to it. You will also be asked to prove your age, since Jack in the Box does not hire any employees under the age of 16.

Why you’d want to submit a Jack in the Box Application:

People who work in the restaurants are offered vacation pay and affordable benefits. In general, most people agree that this is one of the better fast food restaurants to work for. The benefits far outweigh what you would get at McDonalds or Burger King. If you work for the Jack in the Box headquarters you have access to their fitness center and Jack’s playroom, which consists of video games, massage chairs, and much more.

In addition to benefits, you’d want to submit a Jack in the Box Application because you can be a part of a company that is truly making a difference in the world. The Jack in the Box foundation has given thousands of dollars to their charitable partner, Big Brothers Big Sisters. In the month of April 2012 alone, the foundation donated over $300,000 to BBBS.

Different positions to apply for on a Jack in the Box Application:

Positions you can apply for at Jack in the Box range from restaurant to corporate staff positions.

Restaurant positions: If you want to submit your Jack in the Box Application in order to work in an actual restaurant, you can apply to become a team member, team leader, assistant manager, or area coach. Regardless of the position you choose, every employee is treated like they are a part of the team. Every position is important at Jack in the Box and the company makes honest efforts in order to keep the playing grounds even for everyone. Jack in the Box has also been known to hire from within, which shows their appreciation of their employees.

-Team member: Becoming a team member is a great entry-level position offered for a wide variety of potential employees with different kinds of back grounds. These employees are often started off with minimum wage, and then have the potential to get a raise or change job positions. Some of your everyday tasks would include operating cash registers, taking orders, keeping things clean, and keeping customers happy. Because of the unique hours of operation, it can be a great career opportunity for someone going through school or someone who can only work part time. This is the perfect job for someone looking to get their foot in the door to one of the most lucrative businesses in America, the fast-food industry.

-Management positions: The range of management positions includes becoming a team leader, assistant manager, area managers and more. These positions are offered to employees who are at least 18 years of age and are available for full time work. As a manger, you will be a mentor to the employees at the restaurant. You will be required to work hard and set a good example for team members who look to you for guidance.

Corporate positions: There are various different corporate opportunities available which include but are not limited to; a senior auditor, HR specialist, Project Manager, executive assistant, facilities technician, district manager, franchise consultant, compensation & equity manager, and many more. A good portion of these corporate opportunities are located in San Diego or Los Angeles California.

Additional positions you may be applying for on your Jack in the Box application includes food service packer, relief driver, budget analyst, area coach, development intern, or corporate communications internship.

How to submit your Jack in the Box application: If you want to be considered for this job, you must apply on. Unfortunately for people who do not have access to a computer/internet, there are no printable pdf application forms that you will be able to print out and give to the employer in person. If this is an issue for you, check out your local library. Most libraries give users internet access for free or for a small charge.

Overall: Working at Jack in the Box can be a great starter job for someone who is looking to make a move into the food industry. The company has an overall fun and upbeat feel, but working in the fast food industry can be challenging. You must have the ability to work well under pressure and when times get extremely busy. If you don’t mind the nature of the fast food industry, Jack in the Box is one of the better restaurants to work for. They offer better benefits and opportunities to grow than McDonalds or Burger King.


Tips On Getting Hired With Jack In The Box

Jack in the box, unlike some chain food restaurants, is not quite as difficult to get a job at if they happen to have an open position available. Before turning in the Jack In The Box Application you should know that you are not required to have a diploma or GED, as they accept some high school equivalence and clean backgrounds are not a must as they won’t be checking your record. The first appearance is the most important in general case scenarios however this should be kept in mind when turning in a resume or filling out the application. Dress respectively to the occasion of job hunting and be polite to all the employees. Show customer gratitude when walking in by holding a door open or smiling at someone that looks your way. This shows the bosses behind the counter that you’re good with people and enjoy working with them. When walking up to the counter smile and greet the manager as if there for an interview.

If your there to fill out the Jack In The Box application versus turning in a resume make sure to bring your own pen. Be sure you log references and any past work experience that shows your potentials to the work for the restaurant. You want them to see that you can influence the jack in the box in a positive way. Be prompt but diligent with filling it out and turn it in the same person or a different manager if one is available at the time. This will insure a better chance of yours ending up in a separate pile then in with the other two hundred or more applicants. Even if you have a formal resume they will most likely require you to fill out the Jack In The Box application. Your resume can be stapled on and will make your application stand out from the others. An eye catcher is good as long as it’s not excessive. 

If you haven’t heard back from them within a few days give them a call, or if possible, stop in again and ask if the position had already been filled. Some managers don’t check the application pile until the end of the week which is then when they will make their diction. If they haven’t already filling the position ask if they had time to look over your resume or application and go from there. This is a part of the Jack in the box application process that can really make or break you. Don’t delay putting your name in the bucket because the position will be unavailable within the next week or so. Just remember that being your self is the key to getting a job that you’ll be able to keep. Be respectable and sincere and there should be no problem in successfully getting a job at jack in the box. Good luck in starting your new job!

Jack in the Box Careers

Jack in the Box Careers

Jack in the Box has been offering exciting career opportunities since 1951. Jack in the Box strives to achieve excellence in every part of their business. They are always looking for talented employees to join their team. Join the Jack in the Box team by choosing from their many career positions and submitting your application online today.

Team Member

Begin your career at entry level, as a team member. Team members hold one of two positions, Guest Service Specialist or Food Quality Specialist. As a Guest Service Specialist you will be responsible for taking customers orders and serving the food. The Food Quality Specialist prepares the food for the guests. To be eligible to apply for these positions you must be at least 16 years old for the Guest Service Specialist position and 18 years old to operate food preparation equipment for the Food Quality Specialist position. You need to exhibit a strong understanding of the English language and be capable of verbally communicating clearly with others.

Team Leader

Team leaders oversee daily operations and work stations. This position is available part time or full time, depending on each individual location needs. You will be motivating employees to provide their best effort in conducting their work duties. You will also be adhering to safety, cleanliness, quality standard guidelines and working in a fast paced environment. To apply for this position you will need to be 18 years or older, with good communication skills and the ability to read and write in English. Basic administrative duties are required for this position.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager will assist the restaurant manager with all restaurant operations. This position has a 45 hour work week. You must have strong leadership qualities and customer service skills. A high school diploma or GED is required, some college is preferred. In addition, you must have at least one year experience in a supervisor or leadership role in the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Manager

As a restaurant manager you will be responsible for running a $1 to $2 million dollar business. It’s your responsibility to have the restaurant operations run efficiently and smoothly at all times. Requirements for this position require a high school diploma or GED, some college is preferred and at least one or more years of experience in a supervisory or management role in the restaurant industry running operations.


Eligible employees will have access to a variety of benefits offered by Jack in the Box. Depending on your job position, you can receive, medical, vision and dental insurance, meal discounts, vacation pay, optional life insurance and disability coverage, tuition reimbursement, 401K plan, employee stock purchase plan, health advocate program, optional accidental insurance, long-term care, sick leave, employee assistance program and flexible spending accounts.

Jack in the Box is an equal opportunity employer who offers a good quality work environment, family atmosphere, benefits package and career advancement within the company. Choose your desired job position and apply at Jack in the Box today.


Jack In The Box Salary Information

Working at Jack in the Box certainly has its benefits. For management and corporate level jobs they offer some of the most competitive salaries in the industry. There are many things that draw employees to work at Jack in the Box and this of course is one of the main reasons why. Here is a breakdown of the Jack in the Box salary information.

For starters there is the Jack in the Box managers. These are the employees who are responsible for the primary function of each of the Jack in the Box restaurants. This includes all of the day to day operations, the hiring and management of employees at the Jack in the Box restaurant, ordering of foods and supplies, and accounting for sales. It is a demanding job, yet rewarding job at the same time. For those who are seeking a job as a manager, the typical salary that can be expected is between $35k and $45k.

Assistant managers at Jack in the Box carries similar roles at the restaurant. Their primary function is to handle some of the daily tasks that can make the job of a manger easier. They help in the managing of employees and assist with any training that might be needed. The salary ranges for an assistant manager at Jack in the Box is between $30k and $40k.

On the corporate level of jobs at Jack in the Box there are quite a few salaried jobs. They can be broken up into smaller groups. One example would be the analyst group. These jobs are responsible for looking and analyzing the sales and cost figures to offer up new ways to maximize profit. They can do this on a company wide level or they can provide the same level of assistance at the restaurant level. The salaries of an analyst can range from $40k to $80k.

An area coach is also another important salaried job at Jack in the Box. These jobs look at new restaurant openings and offer assistance from the ground up. They help managers and general managers learn how to train their staff, optimize their sales, and make sure that they maintain the brand image of Jack in the Box. The work hand in hand the the managers and often do follow up visits periodically to offer more assistance if needed. These job salaries can range from $60k to $75k.

In the supply chain for Jack in the Box, a crucial salaried worker is the warehouse manager. This is a demanding job that requires a lot of on demand thinking and adjusting to meet all of the demands of the Jack in the Box restaurants that the warehouse serves. It is crucial that they deliver the supplies when they need it and on time. Warehouse managers can receive a salary of $80 to $90k.

Of course there are plenty of other jobs that are paid by both salary and wage. These of course are the typical salaried jobs that are available. The estimates can change at any time as well.


One of the most successful fast food restaurant franchises in recent history is Jack in the Box. It started in 1951 in San Diego, California and has steadily grown to more than 2,000 franchised locations. It is also one of the most popular and hottest fast food restaurants to receive franchise applications.

There are a lot of reasons why so many people are looking to start their franchise with Jack in the Box. For starters, there is plenty of room for future growth, even with over 2,000 franchise locations there is still plenty of room for growth. The Jack in the Box fast food restaurants are only located in 21 states so right there that is less than half of the states in the United States of America represented by the Jack in the Box franchises.

In addition to the great opportunities for expansion, there is also a lot of support given from the corporate level, especially in the way of advertising and building brand awareness. The company provides an extensive advertising campaign which is very catchy and does a fantastic job in customer retention.

To get started with a Jack in the Box franchise a person or group first needs to go through a qualification process. The first stage would be the pre-qualification process. This involves the application, preliminary disclosures, and agreements. It also involves an interview with the company as well as background checks, etc.

Once the first stage is complete the next stage is a review of all the applicants financial assets and a review of the applicants business plan. This can be a little extensive as the Jack in the Box management wants to make sure that the franchisee applicant is completely competent and financially capable of supporting the operations of the restaurant.

After some more additional reviews of the finances and plans are done it is then onto the approval process. During this stage the franchisee applicant must go in front of an executive review. There will be more rounds of questioning and inquiries into how the franchisee plans to run the new Jack in the Box restaurant.

Once approval has been given there is training that the franchisee must go through. This can take anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks to complete. Training documents and additional resources will be provided as well. At the conclusion of the 10 to 12 weeks of training the franchisee is then given a welcome packet. This is the final approval to open up a Jack in the Box restaurant.

It may seem like a lot of steps and questioning in order to get approval for a Jack in the Box franchised restaurant but it is necessary. It is actually not much different than any other franchising restaurant process. The company is essentially making sure that the franchisee is completely capable of making their own restaurant a success. And at the same time they want to make sure that they are providing everything possible to insure the success for the franchisee and ultimately the success for Jack in the Box.

About Jack In The Box

The Jack in the Box is a chain of American style fast food restaurants. The company was first started in 1951 by Robert O. Peterson who lived in San Diego, California. The concept was to create a hamburger stand restaurant with a drive through service. Robert O. Peterson already had success in other restaurants but had not attempted this concept yet.

The original idea of drive through restaurants was that a person would drive up to the window, place their order, and then wait for the order to be made. The person would then hand the food to the customer and they would pay right there. The concept was a good one but it needed a little refining.

That is where the idea for Jack in the Box came about. With this idea customers could drive up to a “box” and place their order through the box. The employee would then take their order and ask the customer to drive around. By the time to customer got to the drive up window their order would be ready or close to ready. In the meantime another customer could be placing a new order right behind.

This idea greatly sped up the fast food drive through ordering system. The idea was thought of as revolutionary at the time and in fact it still is thought of as revolutionary today because all of the drive through restaurants still use the same ideas. Some fast food restaurants may have tweaked the idea some but the main principles are still the same.

Within fifteen years of the restaurants founding there were 180 locations in the Southern California area and parts of the Southwest. The concept of Jack in the Box was wildly successful but was still a regional company. It was not until the 1980s that the fast food restaurant began making its way outside of the Southern California and Southwest area.

Today there are more than 2,200 drive through Jack in the Box fast food restaurants in the United States of America, which currently covers 21 different states. The fast food company is continuing to show great signs of positive growth as more and more Jack in the Box fast food restaurants are opened each and every year.

The company continues to be successful because they continue to innovate. They had the idea of the new way to do the fast food drive through ordering process. They also were one of the pioneers of late night and even 24 hour dining. In fact, just about all of the Jack in the Box fast food restaurants are opened at least 18-24 hours a day. They were also one of the pioneers in the quick serve menu offerings. They optimized the ordering for the items that were more frequently ordered and thus were able to deliver the food faster and just as fresh.

The final note about Jack in the Box is that they also own the Qdoba Mexican Grill franchise. This was acquired in 2003 and now boasts more than 600 restaurants in 44 different states.